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Frequently Asked Questions

Posted on: January 29th, 2012 by Chris Lubba 2 Comments

1. How many groups (we call them “dive teams”) do you take at a time?

A: Just one dive team at a time (up to 10 people) at our shop at a time. All so we can focus all our attention on that dive team and give them the best service and dive experience possible.

2. How many guests do you allow on the boat?

A: We guarantee small groups. Our goal is to not have more than 8 guests on the boat at a time. If we have 8 guests, we will also have two dive guides.

3. On your website it states you dive Monday through Friday. Can you please elaborate on this?

A: Sure, we are glad to. We typically begin our dive adventures with a new dive team on Mondays and dive every day for 5 days. This way we are able to customize a dive plan for the entire group for the entire week, ensuring that you get to experience as many of the world famous Palau dive sites as possible. However, we are flexible with group bookings. If your group has different needs we will strive to make your experience in Palau the best it can be on your schedule.

4. How many dives do you do each day?

A: One of the top questions we get. As we stated in the above answer we do a weekly dive plan, so in the week we typically do a total of 13 dives. That breaks down to 3 days/3 dives and 2/days two dives. On the days we are diving twice we also visit Jellyfish Lake or take a trip out to Peleliu.

5. How much do you charge to go to Jellyfish lake?

A: Nothing!!!! There is a permit that each visitor has to buy and that permit is now $100, which covers Jellyfish lake and diving around the rock islands. We will go to Jellyfish lake on one of the days we do two dives. Remember to bring some sandals, there is a short hike to the lake.

6. Is lunch included?

A: Yes, we provide lunch on each dive day, as well as fresh fruits (when available on the islands) and some sweet treats for those that have a sweet tooth.

7. What is included in your weekly dive packages?

A: We include 13 total dives for the week, lunch and snacks on all dive days, nitrox up to 36%, a trip to Peleliu, weight belts, and guides that go in the water with you. We will also provide valet dive gear service, which means you don’t touch or set-up your gear all week!

8. So, when do you recommend we arrive in Palau?

A: Our dive weeks typically starts on Monday. We recommend you arrive Sunday evening. Most flights arrive on Sundays. And don’t forget a prolonged surface time before your flight home.

9. We don’t leave till Sunday morning, what do we do all day Saturday?

A: Saturday is your free day. You can shop for souvenirs in town, go for a Jungle River cruise (it is a half day and you get to see the capitol as well. And you still have half a day to shop for souvenirs for your friends who could not make it). The kayaking in Palau is awesome, there is a zip line and a bird sanctuary as well. Or just relax by the pool. Whatever you feel like doing we will help with your reservations.

10. Do you have a local dive guides who really know Palau?

A: Yes. Our lead guide is Jason Maluchluw, he has worked in Palau for many years as a dive guide and has over 6,000 dives in Palau. He is definitely one of the top guides in Palau.

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