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Welcome to Palau Dive Adventure Blog, Let’s Dive!

Posted on: March 12th, 2012 by Chris Lubba No Comments
Jelly Fish Lake is a one of a kind lake

Experience jelly fish up close

Traveling across the amazing oceans of the Pacific, you will find a tranquil collection of islands. Within one them, you will fine Palau. As you land on Palau you will immediately be enveloped by the soft humid ocean air. Soon you will be whisked away by the expert dive master and begin the most exciting adventure in your life. Palau Dive Adventures offers one boat, one group and you to sailing into the clear pristine waters of Micronesia. By joining our group, you will have the chance to swim with sharks, see sting less jelly fish and experience the most amazing dive site known as Blue Corner; where two oceans converge and you will need a reef hook. Join us at Palau Dive Adventures, we are now taking reservations. Be part of something great and Let’s Dive!